Microsoft is upgrading Xbox Series X blades on its Cloud Gaming


Microsoft is in the process of upgrading its Xbox Series X blades on its Cloud Gaming.

It was first discovered by Twitter user Klobrille who noticed that the Cloud Gaming version of Rainbow Six Siege now offered performance options only found within the Xbox Series X version of the game.

Klobrille wrote:
It seems like Xbox is rolling out Xbox Series X server blades over at for selected games. I’m playing the Xbox Series X version of Rainbow Six: Siege on xCloud, proof in the pic below (120 FPS option). The game feels great and much more responsive.

A Microsoft spokesperson said:
We’re continuously testing new features and making improvements to create a better Xbox Cloud Gaming experience. We’ll have more to share soon about the upgrades we’re making to our Microsoft Datacenters.

Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed it would bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to PC, consoles and web browsers. The news also comes as Microsoft confirmed it would bring the service to several more countries.

Are you looking forward to Xbox Cloud Gaming?
Looking forward to trying out Cloud Gaming on PC. It's always good to have some more streaming services to offer competition
People have been saying online gaming has improved, MS is going all out in this.

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