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Hi folks Trueprime here! I have been playing WOW off and on since Vanilla. Actually I originally started off playing diablo 1 and then enjoyed version of Diablo 2 for many years. Multiplayer was a new thing back then and just the start of some exciting gaming...
  • Trueprime
    • Hi folks, Trueprime here and I was curious if anyone on here has been playing WOW Battle for Azeroth. Any other gamers on here who enjoy this...
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Nintendo switch owners, how excited are you about the original devil May cry game coming to Switch this Summer. To me, this is one of the best announcement by Nintendo so far. What do you think?
Sometimes I get RSI as a result of playing computer games, known as repetitive strain injury. I wondered if anybody here had health problems like this and if so, what are you doing for them? I usually take a break for a little bit.
  • Nova
    • I have this wrist issue right now as it has made my hands go black veined on the right hand. I thin I have to limit the amount of typing I am...
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Video games are evolving at an incredible rate, what do you think will be the future of gaming? Explain the reason why.
  • Nova
    • I'd say the DLC is the future of the games. You would find something like the stadia being the gaming hub and the people would be paying per play...
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Any gamer that loves Car race games will know much about this game. Before Evolution was stopped from making some games, this is top of the chart few years ago as I enjoy playing it. The Pacific rift remains my favorite of them all back then, which of the motorstorm series...
Gangster is a game that is all about the hood and how to survive as a gangster in the hood. Basically, it is a mobile game that you can play on the go and having to pass through missions makes it challenging for me. Have you played such game?
It has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft that they will be revealing a brand new Ghost Recon later this week. This comes after a two-part teaser started making the rounds on Ghost Recon Wildlands which hinted (very strongly we may add) at a reveal of some kind on May 9th...
Nowadays, it seems that most games are trying harder and harder to add some realism into the games they create. Be that through the storyline, the 'realism' of the graphics or trying to simulate human things like hunger and exhaustion (Like in RDR2). Do you think some...
  • Pineapplepie
    • Define 'realism' because QWOP seems pretty realistic to some point.
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I find this is something I have been doing lately. A few months back, when I was feeling like playing something online sometimes I go to Mixer, twitch or Youtube and search for people playing and if they have a room I join them. I met a couple of nice streamers that way...
  • Kaynil
    • To be honest though, rather than going with a big shot, I think it is better to go with someone that has a small fanbase, that way the streamer...
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After APEX accidentally introduced a software update that penalised users for leaving the game early (before quickly getting rid!) I was thinking how great a feature like this would actually be on other multiplayer games like COD and PUBG where people just seem to join and...
  • Kaynil
    • I think this is the biggest challenge. If games could recognize all these scenarios then it would be great, so people don't get tainted their...
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There is a saying that the first thing that we do is something that we can't always forget in a hurry and same is applicable to gaming. The angry bird was the first game that I played on my Sega console and it was really fun playing such games. What is the first game that you...
Strategy games keep me glued to the seat each time that I am playing and Final Fantasy is one of such games. The game is developed in series which makes it easier for you to pick the series that you want to pick. Do you play Final Fantasy?
I wonder if anyone here has ever repaired, replaced, repaired or unlocked their device because of a device fault? What's the problem? Where did you have your platform repaired? How long was it taken to be fixed successfully and what was the end result?
  • Barida
    • Fortunately, I have not had issues with my device. There is something that I have noticed about the devices that I use and it is that once I...
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We can say these are the two main types of games. Personally I prefer the multi player games either team play or competition. Which type do you prefer
  • Barida
    • When I am playing sports related games, I always want to do so on a multi-player version since it is easier for me to win. However, when it comes...
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Such a significant number of gamers happen to drink energy drinks ordinary these sorts of restorations are connected firmly to gaming. What's your favorite drink while you're playing? Mine is a common Pepsi Max soda. It has a very refreshing taste for the drink.
  • Demon_skeith
    • I usally drink a coke or just have water. Nothing extreme really.
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A few days ago we heard the tragic news notra dame cathedral had caught fire and would need a lot of repairs, out of kindness Ubisoft gave a large amount of money to help renovations but also handed unity out for free on pc, and to me they may not get any money (except from...
  • Nova
    • I think when big companies pay donation or try to show kindness they have some sort of agenda. And that it shows from their actions, then again...
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Have you ever bought a gaming equipment that is too big, too small or not suitable for purpose? Have you brought the item back to the store? Were you able to get the retailer to resolve and swap the product? If so, explain the following in more detail.
  • Ash
    • I've made some gaming related purchases that I've regretted after a while. Most of the time, when I have been able to, I've returned the product...
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If you are a streamer which platform you find more useful and friendly. Also the monetization part is going to be there. So my point is which platform you choose for the gaming streaming. Also if you are not a streamer which one of those two platform you choose for checking...
  • Nova
    • I think streams may eat a lot of data on our end. But they can be fun to watch for some games. I tend to avoid the commentary based streams...
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Most people prefer to play mobile games on their phone as they carry it everywhere they go, it's compact which means you can just put it in your pocket and grab it at anytime. But other people prefer to purchase a table for mobile gaming due to the bigger screen. Well, what...
  • Barida
    • It depends on the one that you have at the moment which is something that you should look at. Tablets are always better since you have nice...
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Simple question this one, has anyone ever gotten so mad at something you've taken the time to complain to a games company? Did it work? For me, I got caught up in a ban-wave on Runescape when they were purging bots. Keep in mind, I ran some bots to farm gold for my main...
  • Barida
    • I don't hesitate to write complaints when I notice that the game that I am playing is having a bug. So far, the response has always been good and...
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