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Virtual Private Network is short for (VPN). You may be familiar with this term or be using it as a gamer. Today, I'm Interested to know what the main disadvantages and benefits are of using a VPN whilst gaming. Should I install this type of connection for gaming? Why or why...
  • Nova
    • Yes for me too it's mostly related to the work. Where we often check out the websites when they are down and if they are available in different...
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What age for gaming is to be considered too young? Nine, six, three? What's the reason for your choice?
  • Nova
    • I think the current generation of parents are gamers themselves. So I can't trust them with the any form of game specific addictions and this also...
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A recent exchange on Twitter between Netflix has had the effect of the streaming giant’s official account confirming that they will be making their debut appearance at E3 in June this year. The company will be holding a panel at E3 Coliseum 2019 to make some game...
There are a lot of fishy and bad habits that are in the gaming industry today. Developers being greedy and releasing unfinished video games just to collect the money a few days earlier and then they push a day 1 patch. Also, they might charge you a premium for almost...
  • Nerdface
    • One mistake that they seem to have thankfully learned from were online passes.. Those things should have never been implemented. I know in the...
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Well, a lot of them are on YouTube or IGN forum. Nonetheless, I feel like they should be a last resort. Anyway, they ruin a lot of the fun. That's one reason.
  • Nova
    • I think cheat guides should not exist. But then again there are some of the game influencers and testers who do need the game guides and the...
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So, I decided to give this game a try after series of mixed reviews that I saw on the internet and I must confess that it is is a solid game which makes me kind of wonder what the bad reviews is all about. Have you played it? What's your review of it?
  • Nova
    • It's more of survival game. So I won't compare it with COD or even Metro Exodus. But if you like campaign type episodic gameplay experience. Then...
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Places like Game Spot let you try out games before you buy them. They usually have one or two of the latest or biggest games ready to play on their consoles. The demo versions usually let you take a good look around the game. Have you ever tried a demo that made you buy the...
  • Nova
    • In 90s and the pre 2010. I used to download the demo games and then try it out before purchasing. Now that youtube is there I think it's...
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Gears of War 5 might just be ready to hit your consoles on September 10th. This is according to a reported leak on the official website of Taiwan’s game rating board. The latest installment in the Gears of War franchise has been confirmed for a 2019 launch previously although...
Starbreeze, the Swedish game developer behind the Chronicles of Riddick and PayDay has released their Q1 results which makes for unfortunate reading with respect to their financial stability. The report states that the studio had net sales of SEK 47.8 million (around US$5...
How do you think about pen and paper amusements? What kind of games have you played before? Are you still playing them? What would be your most favored and why?
  • Jerlene
    • I still play pen and paper games but usually only with my girlfriend. We occasionally have dates at home and when we do, we usually end up in the...
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On what system are you gaming the most? Why is that? See poll and vote please.
  • bharath
    • I am playing only on PC and nowadays using Mobile too, but big picture is good than small screen.
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What is your favourite thing about computer gaming? How long would you say you've been gamer? Ever since you were a child? What got you into playing video games? Pick 1 aspect and give an explanation below.
  • bharath
    • I used to play PACMAN during my school days 15 years back and later Vicecity last 3 years, now I am on the way to make money online for for my...
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Who games on a Raspberry Pi? What computer games do you play on this retro platform? I have formally owned a one although I broke the microSD card inside the slot by accident a few years back and never got around to replacing it.
  • Nova
    • Yes it seems like the raspberry pi is among the demand in the school and colleges. Not sure how much it would be for the gaming machine from what...
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Gaming memories and nostalgia from the 80s and 90s. What's your favorite retro game?
  • Nova
    • I remember games like donkey kong, digdug and many other similar games which were kind of arcade. It was a good experience, playing them on the...
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There are things that you do while gaming and it feels like you don't wish to stop and one of it is playing Golden Sun. I still don't understand the reason Golden Sun 3 didn't sell as much. Did you enjoy playing this game?
  • Demon_skeith
    • Wait, is this the game that came out on the DS/3DS? If I remember right it had horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE backtracking to the point I gave up...
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It's been awhile since we last had the glorious absurd randomness of a Saints Row game gracing our consoles (four years in fact!) and so the time is only right that we could begin to expect the next installment to be announced. Well, it could potentially be in the works after...
I kind of prefer playing gears most of the time that I want to go back in time as it gives me goosebumps than playing halo. You still get that connection with Halo?
  • ShadeXGaming76
    • I go with both cause they are awesome and they are both gore and (mabey) cussing I loved the action as well compared to that.
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There are only three things that are certain in life, death, taxes and new Pokémon games. The massive success of the long-running franchise all but secures a constant stream of spin-offs making their way to consoles near you as and when they feel like it. However, it's been...
I've played both games and there is this connection that I feel for Skyrim as I can't just stop playing when I am opportuned. Are you a fan of Skyrim as well?
  • ShadeXGaming76
    • i chose that because it is really fun not going to lie and i like skyrim but i really dont get to play
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There are gamers that enjoys playing offline games while others enjoy playing online games. What's your preference?
  • Barida
    • I prefer offline, but the challenge with offline games is that it is easier to hack and that makes it uninteresting when you play in the long-run...
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