I need help with PES 2020 on Windows PC


Sep 29, 2019
Here's the story:

- I have a dell XPS7760 AIO which comes with a 4K display and a Radeon RX570.

This is "good enough" to play PES 2020 on Steam ad a decent resolution but I am facing an issue.

- My Windows resolution is 4K
- My PES 2020 resolution is 1080p (can't push the card higher really)
- I play the game full screen so ALT+TAB between game and windows messs up things temporally due to the different resolution
- I can't really play PES 2020 in a window as 1080p is too small in a 4K screen

Because of the game dead times (sometime I look for a player online and end up waiting 5 even 10 minuts at times) I occasionally do ALT+TAB between the two screens so that I can do other things in Windows in the meantime, but the screen switching between different resolution is VERY inconvenient to put it politely.

Is there any way I can monitor the status of the PES screen from Windows without having to ALT+TAB all the times? Or is there perhaps a smarter solution?

Passing the mouse over the PES icon on the task bar does show a thumbnail of the PES GAME but as far as i can tell it's not updated very often unfortunately.

Any tip please?
Thanks :)