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So how was it guys? I've been into a lot of games lately, but I've never tried playing fortnite. All my friends switch to fornite, they said it was the best.
  • Martin Berisford
    • I had a laugh at your pickaxe comment haha. It's this kind of thing that puts me off Fortnite. I've given it a try and sure...
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I know we all have our favorite style of games and in the early gaming days i loved FPS based games but as time went on a friend introduced me to a popular MMO we alll know very well ( WoW ) then got converted, after being involved in MMO based games i...
  • Nova
    • If you want to play the game for short term then the FPS can be a good start. I think MMO is good if you want to spend time...
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Movie rental places are as gone as the dinosaurs; nonetheless, every US city (not sure about your country) has at least one or more gaming stores. O.K. Game Stop and G2K are big franchises in this, but some independents exist. Anyway, what you think it...
  • Nova
    • I don't see success easy these days with reselling the games. You can at the most open steam like store online. And there you...
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There are tons of video games which are made according to anime. They are of special taste if you know the anime of the game. Here comes the question , what is the best anime game you have ever played?
  • Nova
    • I think jump force and the bleach games should be worth recommending. I mean there are lot of bleach games that are worth...
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I am sure this is something we must have experienced at some point, even if not exactly with videogames. there is always that one thing everybody is singing praise and saying how good it is while you just can't find the appeal at all. I am not talking...
  • Martin Berisford
    • That bloody APEX Legends game. I've no idea where the heck it shot out of but I've played the games a few times now just...
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Have you ever been given ban in an computer game? Was it permanent or temporary? What was the reason to why your account got restricted and the which way did you resolve it?
  • Martin Berisford
    • I've been banned numerous times on several games, mainly online MMO's though really. I've always tried to be good on console...
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Is this a good console? I've always used Sony. But I managed to get some credit so I ordered an Xbox One S with Battlefield V and a wireless controller. I also get 2 weeks free Live Gold and a month free of Game Pass. Opinions?
  • zoldos
    • I've played a few futuristic survival games and they were fun. Not my favorite tho! :D
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So a lot of companies are looking at making there consoles streaming but a lot of places still don't have the capability for example if you have 25mbps you might be able it stream asong as now one else in your house is using WiFi what do you all think
  • zoldos
    • I like EVE On-line and it's definitely not Pay to Win. I also like APB Reloaded and a few others. But I understand what you...
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Came across this read. Fortnite addiction sending kids to gaming rehab Personally, I could never get into Fortnite. I wasn't very good at it, particularly the clunky building aspect. But I find it crazy that parents are sending their kids into a 'rehab'...
  • blaqdu
    • same here just turn 2 decades and a half and still can see my self being a dad but that comes bro... I think kids are...
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We are not afraid of humans. In fact, we love to interact and communicate with different people around the world. When we play online games, it means that we have to talk to strangers and gamers from different countries, and later on, we’ll become online...
  • Matt C.
    • I don't think so. Just because I enjoy shooting and blowing people up in GTA 5, doesn't mean I want to do that in real life.
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Here are some video games which I'm planning to play soon enough. Most of them might be old but I still haven't played them and I would like to do that. What are some other games which you would like to add to the list? I'm mainly looking for video games...
  • Gopnik
    • Thank you for mentioning The Elder Scrolls. A couple of my friends also have been telling me to check it but I never really...
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last night I finaly got my hands on the remaster if Assassin Creed III, and it is a stunning achievement for ubosoft. The remaster boasts a lot of fetures and improvements but with out a full remake of the game here is still some age left in the game that...
  • Knight of madness
    • We all know this hidden blade is soley wielded by Conner in Assassin Creed but on detailed inspection (I will make a video in...
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Have you ever attended online or offline any event? There is Nintendo event that happened recently. And that event was seen as one of the popular event that happened. You can check out the nintendo direct event on youtube recently.
  • Demon_skeith
    • Far as I'm aware these are privately recorded events that are then aired either live or soon after. So not possible to attend...
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Lets go with a scenario like this one - somebody is offering you money to play a video game which you don't like. Would you take the money and play that game or you would rather reject the offer and call it a day. Would you reconsider if the amount was...
Just wanted to start a quick discussion because I'm interested to know what kind of platforms you lot all use for your gaming needs. Myself, I'm an XBOX One and a PC person. I do dabble on my 3DS from time to time though when I feel the need for a bit a of...
Some developers offer a deluxe edition to their video games which most of the time includes selected DLC, unique or special items, or make it easier to progress through the game. Have you ever purchased a deluxe edition of a video game and if so, what was...
  • Nova
    • I think final fantasy and few other similar games had the deluxe and the standard editions which I enjoyed in the past. They...
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My son got hooked with the Mario games on you tube. It was recorded games and it seems like he wanted to play it by himself. Is it available also in PS4?
  • Nova
    • I mostly played through the console on other platforms. So yeah that maybe my experience. I have also seen mario got...
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Do you have the latest console, the Switch, from Nintendo? What games do you have for it so far? Which game is your favorite? What games do you plan on getting for the Switch?
  • Nova
    • I think switch is definitely not a good investment if you think in terms of the money invested and the type of games that you...
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What was the longest time that it have ever took you to download a single video game? How much time did it actually take and how big was the game? Also, what was the speed for your internet connection - download rate per second? I remember that it took me...
  • Alexander.
    • I don't pay much attention to how long gaming downloads take. Mostly, I'll past the time by participating in other...
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