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  1. Carbon

    Video games that changed your concept of video games

    Mine is The Witness It was a very powerful exercise in learning about learning, especially when so many games spend so much time showing you how to use your three skill trees.
  2. The Absolute Games Of The Decade

    The Absolute Games Of The Decade

    A Revolutionary Decade The 2010s were marked as the decade that changed the landscape of gaming in more ways than ever thought possible. Revolutions in technology and the commercial haul of video gaming as an industry has seen the quality of leading titles such as 'Grand Theft Auto', 'Call of...
  3. Carbon

    How well did E3 do on LGBT+ representations with it being Pride Month?

    How well did E3 do on LGBT+ representations with it being Pride Month? I am really interested to know if there were trailers tied into or based around Pride Month at E3 this year?
  4. Barida

    Which is difficult to play? Bloodbourne or Sakiro?

    Having spent much time playing both games, I don't think playing Bloodbourne is an uphill task as you can easily go through the phases with ease unlike when I played Sakiro. Which one did you find difficult when you played?
  5. Barida

    What old game are you replaying at the moment?

    In our gaming history, there is always one particular game or a couple of games that we always replay no matter how old that they are. What is that old game that you are replaying?
  6. Barida

    Do you own a gaming couch?

    Gaming can be exciting for most of us that enjoys playing games. The reason is that you feel smart when you get pass each phase of any game that you are playing. However, sitting at a place to play video games for longer period of time can be tiring and not easy with the back pain. This is...
  7. jpk0007

    What's your most favourite device to play online games?

    Well, playing games online has been one of my most favourite hobby for a long time now. Whenever I get free time I prefer to spend it on playing games . In the past I used to play games on my desktop. Then after some years I started playing games on my Laptop. Nowadays I play games only on my...
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