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The community for all things 90s and 2000's
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  1. Carbon

    Sega to Charge for Yakuza: Like a Dragon New Game+ Mode
  2. Carbon

    GO SEGA: 60th anniversary introduces Sega Shiro, son of Segata Sanshiro
  3. Carbon

    Could Sega be teasing Virtua Fighter 6 for their 60th anniversary? Message on the official website also says this:
  4. Yakuza soundtracks now available on Spotify

    Yakuza soundtracks now available on Spotify

    Sega has made a series of Yakuza soundtracks available on Spotify. You’ll find the Spotify links to the various soundtracks below: Yakuza 0 (Side A/Side B) Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza 2 Yakuza 3 Yakuza 4 (Volume 1/Volume 2) Yakuza 5 (Volume 1) Yakuza: Like a Dragon The soundtracks are a celebration...
  5. Carbon

    Shinobi And Fantasy Zone Join The Sega Ages Lineup On Switch This Month
  6. Carbon

    Sonic/Sega Team Celebrates New Year With New #SONIC2020 Campaign
  7. Carbon

    The long lost AKIRA prototype for Sega Mega Drive has been found and released
  8. Heatman

    What was your first gaming console?

    Mine was Sega and I purchased it when I was still a teenager with my daily savings. My parents were practically against gaming, so I literally played the game only at midnight.
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The community for all things 90s and 2000's