warhammer 40000

  1. Alex Wright

    News Top Things You Need To Begin 3D Printing

    Making three-dimensional physical items from a digital file is known as 3D printing. Even though this technology has been around for more than 30 years, its popularity has just lately exploded. But how challenging is 3D printing? Read on to learn about the top things you need to begin 3D...
  2. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Powerful Space Marine Chapters in Warhammer 40K

    The Warhammer universe has and continues to inspire innumerable other fantasy and sci-fi worlds, if not the most well-known and cherished series in popular gaming culture. The space marines are undoubtedly the most well-known group in Warhammer 40K, with their armoured super-soldiers pouring...
  3. Melissa Adams

    News 5 Powerful Chaos Gods in Warhammer 40K

    The Ruinous Powers bide their time as they slowly destroy the known cosmos, ever craving more power. The Gods of Chaos in Warhammer 40K feed on the emotions, hopes, and passions of mortal creatures for sustenance and power. They live in the warp, an alternate reality made up entirely of pure...
  4. Alex Wright

    News 10 Beginner Tips for Warhammer 40K

    Warhammer 40K is a tabletop game that many gamers have heard about. Furthermore, gamers of games like Dawn of War and Total War: Warhammer will be familiar with their parent titles, WH40K and Warhammer Fantasy, respectively. For those unfamiliar with the Warhammer series, it is based on a...