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  1. Are you bored? want to join a game that has deep story and SO MUCH TO DO? I welcome you to join me :D

    I know the topic sound weird, but im here to create a community of players that enjoys views of the ingame world, roleplaying their character, fighting against other player! Im asking you to join me in the great adventure that is WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!! Again, i know it sound scary or maybe stupid...
  2. Minecraft account for £5 !!?? Buy now + instant delivery

    Cheap Minecraft Accounts My Shop : Commerce Made Simple Cheap SFA and NFA minecraft accounts starting at £2.50 + instant delivery...
  3. Elite Gaming Content - Instagram Gaming Account

    Hey there, I have started an instagram page that shares gameplay of other gamers, here is the link: gaming memes (@elite_gaming_content) • Instagram photos and videos I will post the link to any new posts I make to this account on this thread at least everyday. I humbly ask that you support me...
  4. Twitch account

    Hey guys, I’m a streamer on twitch who streams daily. I’d like to share, hopefully you’ll follow and tune in! I put on a good show! I was also world ranked in battle games for Halo 2-3 and MW2 back in the day. Here’s a list of games I’m playing: Apex Legends/ Destiny/ CoD (Modern Warfare, MW2...
  5. jimx1

    If you need to recommend only 1 game to your best friend, which one would it be?

    Here's mine: War Clicks What is yours? Even though there are tons of fun games around that I've been playing all that time, you simply can't play them all and need to find those that suit you best – the ones that you feel most comfortable with. When the times changed and took away some of my...
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