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  1. Carbon

    What's the worst gaming community you've personally experienced?

    Dota 2 for me, the atmosphere is usually pretty aggressive and toxic and the community is proud of it.
  2. How the coronavirus is boosting video gaming in China

    The devastating plague hit China and forced millions to stay indoors and keep the human interaction to the minimum and people are spending most of the time staying indoor and playing their favourite game. At this time of the year, Chinese people are celebrating their New year and enjoying to the...
  3. The best VR headsets for gaming in 2020

    Since their release just a few years ago, VR headsets have transformed a lot in terms of features, convenience, and compatibility. Most modern VR headsets are re-shaping the gaming, video and multimedia experience for the users. VR Headset totally transforms the gaming as you see it and let you...
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