The 5 Best PC Gamer Forums

Our 5 Favorite PC Gamer Forums​


If you like to engage with fellow gamers about your favorite game, PC build, or anything else related to gaming, then a PC Gamer Forum is where you'll find yourself.

Have you ever had a hardware issue, or need tips to get through a tough level in a game? Chances are that there is a gaming community at your fingertips ready to help and give you tips.

There's some amazing PC Gamer Forums in which you can share your awesome gaming stories and make some great friends. Here's a guide we've put together to help you find the best PC Gamer Forums:

1. PC Gamer Forums​


PC Gamer is a famous gaming magazine founded in 1993 and has become the best selling PC games magazine ever since. This forum has a vibrant community of gamers; all looking to discuss PC games, help fellow gamers in need and looking for a great time on the internet.

2. PC Gaming Subreddit​


PC Gaming subreddit boasts over 2.4 million subscribers, with thousands of users logged in viewing the forum. There are thousands of topics to participate in, constantly being updated. This is the place for PC gamers looking for a community.

3. Patient Gamers Subreddit​


Patient Gamers subreddit thrives on gamers who are just now playing through games that are a few months old. Have you ever not gotten on the hype train for a game? Missed a popular release and never got it but now you picked it up on sale? This is the community to discuss all these things with.

4. Game Detectives Subreddit​


Game Detectives subreddit enjoys solving mysteries and puzzles in alternate reality games (ARG). An ARG uses clues and Easter eggs in the game and real-life to make a more memorable, engaging gaming experience. If you consider yourself a sleuth and love games, this is the community for you.

5. PC Master Race Subreddit​


PC Master Race Subreddit boasts over 4.6 million subscribers and has become the place for PC gamers to share their knowledge, setups, and other gaming related stuff. If you are looking for an active PC Gamer Forums this is the place to be.

Those are some of the most highly recommended PC Gamer Forums in 2020. They all have a great positive vibe to them so go join or lurk for some great gaming discussions!
I'm a patient gamer member and love it there. Totally should check it out if you're a PC gamer :)

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