Looking to reach out and grow already at 101 subs .. let's keeps.going guys :) we can with your support thank you
  2. xenonVirus

    COPPA and YouTube Discussion

    On September 4, 2019, Google paid the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) a 170 million dollar fine over violations of COPPA, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, which states that websites may not collect any personal information from anyone under 13 without explicit parental consent...
  3. ZDecoding

    Boost your YouTube Channel with YTMonster!

    Hey all you beginning YouTubers out there! Are you having trouble growing your channel? Well, try YTMonster! YTMonster is a website that can get more views and subscribers for your videos. Just create an account and a campaign and you're good to go! I tried it, it was awesome! Create an account...
  4. what is best youtube channels for kids ?

    Everyone knows about YouTube and YouTube channel, but no one knows which youtube channel is good and which YouTube channel is not good for children. Here, you will get information about youtube channels. Every parent is worried about their child, what is right or wrong for them? They are afraid...
  5. Ryan Abbott

    Gaming Channels to Check Out

    A channel you should check out is R & C Gaming at R & C Gaming they have posted fortnite and call of duty videos and need to gain traction so please check them out they would appreciate it. Thank you.
  6. montage Fortnite créatif

    Salut si vous pouvez envoyer juste de la force avec un like si ça vous plait sinon passez votre route mode créatif fortnite vous en pensez quoi ? Merci à ceux qui regarderont

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