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  1. Getting Discovered on TwitchTv

    Hi Forum, I made a video about getting discovered on TwithTv and touch on the topic of game selection. Hopefully this can bring readers some valuable information who are looking to combine their interest of games and streaming together. If you have any questions feel free to ask me here...
  2. Twitch account

    Hey guys, I’m a streamer on twitch who streams daily. I’d like to share, hopefully you’ll follow and tune in! I put on a good show! I was also world ranked in battle games for Halo 2-3 and MW2 back in the day. Here’s a list of games I’m playing: Apex Legends/ Destiny/ CoD (Modern Warfare, MW2...

    Hey Everybody?? How are you all today?? Check out this video were he get "SCARED TO DEATH"
  4. Google unveils Stadia, a new video game streaming platform

    Google unveils Stadia, a new video game streaming platform

    For years, Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo have dominated the gaming industry and it seems Google now wants a slice of the pie after unveiling a new rival, their very own video game streaming platform. Google Stadia will be a platform, not a console and will promise to run games at 4K and 60FPS...
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