1. Alex Wright

    News 4 Tips to Become a Roblox Game Developer

    In the year 2022, Roblox is as popular as it has ever been. Among the games accessible are roleplaying games, powerful counter simulators, and unending undead waves. More players usually means more havoc, and what is Roblox without a little mayhem? The gaming business is one of the world's...
  2. Alex Wright

    News VVVVVV creator's new title is about a Roblox climbing a giant man

    VVVVVV creator, Terry Cavanagh, just released Climb the Giant Man which requires a Roblox account to play it. The title is an ‘obby’ (an obstacle course that requires you to get around in order to finish) developed in three months by the Irish developer. Climb the Giant Man requires you to...