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  1. Carbon

    PC Gaming Highlights April 2020

    The following releases don't have a Steam/release page that are getting a notably major update, or are available on other platforms. Predator: Hunting Grounds Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14's English ver. is now available Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition update is live Bug Fables is now...
  2. The best games for low-end PCs in 2020

    Not everyone owns a thousand bucks gaming rig which is equipped with all kinds of RGB components, there are many gamers around the world who still play games on a low-end PC. It’s 2020 and the latest games require you to have a powerful rig but there are some amazing games that you can still...
  3. Who here plays GTA 5?

    Are you guys still playing GTA5 and what do you think about it? Is it dying or not? In my opinion the game is still doing very well, they keep updating the game. Maybe it's a little bit in the shadow of Rockstar's Red dead redemption... Anyways, if you're still playing GTA5, do you want to...
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