YouTube is only good for the entertainment side now. Nothing else...

About a year ago, you could live stream with a mobile, tablet, or something similar after verifying your account with a mobile number. Now you're required to have 1000 followers to live stream that way, although they don't stop you using a webcam.

After trying third party apps to get around that restriction, I've realised that the site is practically useless now. Well, I tried Streamlabs, and oh man. Talk about frustrating. Streamlabs doesn't work at all.


I believe YouTube is great for trolling
No, it's not. Users troll, but YouTube is a great source of entertainment (not like this thread implies), news, opinions, gaming videos, etc.

The problem is the users. They're doing a lot of stupid shit. Here is one example:
It's in the title! šŸ¤£

Why fix something that isn't broken? You cannot even get Windows Movie Maker anymore. Or at least, not the better version of it. Sometimes less is really more. šŸ™„

I think if Bitchute allows live streaming, the lack of regulation will encourage users to jump ship to that platform. YouTube is for the business side now. I think anyone starting out on there will get nowhere unless they can prove they're a cut above the rest.
That statement is invalid. There are other video creation platforms that do something like what YouTube does. For example, D-Tube. D-Tube is slowly on the rise. There's also BitTube and VidLii and Others. Pretty soon they will take the crown away from YouTube. So yeah. That statement of yours is invalid.


I mostly watch the gameplay and also the new trailers. A lot of new information can be found on youtube. I don't view this purely from the entertainment side. You can find both information side as well as the entertainment.
Yeah, but making people have 1000 subs to broadcast from a mobile is a bit excessive. Some people don't have the time nor the skills to build that big of a community. So they've removed an important feature that was used by pretty much everybody.
I know this guy who is profoundly crazy. He makes multiple accounts on Fandom, just to edit the same pages, despite already having an account. I mean, what's the point? Half of the Internet is like, dead now anyway. I guess this person is an attention whoring loser offline.

YouTube is also full of nutters as well. Maybe that's why Google stopped allowing broadcasting from a mobile with severe rules. 1000 subs is a bit excessive. Had somebody say to me not to call in on Skype that often, because I'm "annoying". It's called free speech, son. Might wanna put your money where your mouth is, lad.

Some people, huh? :D


Streaming and the like will always be with Twitch. Youtube is for entertainment, especially when you start going into the dark side of Youtube :)

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