YouTube has a new gaming policy which allows more violence in videos

I wonder if this policy means the creator for the games move to facebook and other sites.

I'd even go all out as to say I don't wonder, but I'm almost sure they will. This basically means that all M-rated gameplay may get age-restricted if its "scripted violence". And they may age-restrict it if the primary focus is on "gory content". The problem is, that's way too vague for content creators.

This policy will affect thousands upon thousands of Let's Play videos about GTA V, Resident Evil, and fifty other ones I can't think of off the top of my head.

xenonVirus. Let's hope that YouTube can understand what they're doing.
I hope so too. I am guessing if these rules come in youtube. sooner they may go in other networks too because those look like ad guidelines.
Oh wow, it just seems to be one punch after the other when it comes to the update of policies. I really feel it for those whose income depends on the platform. It really seems like it is becoming harder and harder. Look at how fragile it seems to have become if you swear too much or too little, if you post certain games, if you post daily at the same hour or not. I bet climbing the stairs nowadays is way harder than it used to be.

Companies are now in the game, they can keep the daily production but for one person recording, editing and having things ready every single day is a pretty burning schedule even if you prepare with some videos in advance just in case, you get sick or something and goodbye padding.
I know another change in policy was supposed to go in effect, that Coppa I think? Anyways, youtube is still standing so it couldn't have been bad.
Yes lot of new changes are coming up. Like for the kids safety and also for the california law as well.

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