YouTube and Stadia to change video gaming forever

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A compelling argument for Google's overall long term strategy, the important role for YouTube within Google's plans, why Stadia was released in the state it was, and why it's unwise to underestimate Google within the video game industry.

Check out the video below from YaBoyTwiz let me know what you think of it.
I highly doubt that. Stadia will flop, just you wait!
Nah, Stadia is losing massive steam and I don't see it being around much longer.
I think stadia has established as glorified streamers tool. And there is nothing for the normal gamer on it. Crossplay is one thing that may be some gamers finding out value in it. But apart from that I don't think stadia has any strong USP. Though some peopel do find it has value, we can't much argue in it.
Stadia is going to definitely be the next Google project that they give up on. You could tell from the moment it launched that it just wasn't good enough.
I own stadia and I must confess its actually really good, I do have good Internet speed but for the running of it all its clean and very responsive no lags that I could tell.

I'm seeing a lot of negative feedback on it for lagging but I feel this is pointing towards hard-core Pro gamers that find it that way maybe.

Games are limited but I do feel (hope) that they have some surprises coming... or maybe I'm just being optimistic :giggle:

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