Your favourite app


Mar 3, 2022
What is your favourite app on your smartphone? Do you have an app that you use every day?

Tell us which app you need to have installed. For me, I can't go a day with TikTok, it's a great way to watch funny videos for a couple of minutes a day and take my mind off things when I need to.

What is your favourite app?
TikTok as well. I could spend hours on this app as it’s very entertaining!
I love that app, too. Tik Tok is very much liked by the boomer generation and much less liked by millennials.

Why is Tik Tok popular among the younger generation, while most older users have not even heard of it? Because it was originally designed that way.

When developing the marketing strategy, the TikTok team focused on the preferences and habits of young people, primarily on creative expression. Users do it in the simplest ways - singing songs, dancing, or synchronously opening their mouths to the music.
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Tik Tok for sure. I almost ruined my phone battery cause of it.
TikTok for me too, because I can watch quick videos that are funny and it doesn't take me too much time to watch it (Unlike when I watch yt gameplays.)
There are lots of my favorite apps!!But youtube,Minecraft,instahgram all are my favourite

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