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You must now have 5 posts or more before being allowed to post a thread + minimum of 1 tag per thread in Gaming Forum only


JoyFreak Admin
Nov 16, 2018
This is now a rule. Those with less than 5 posts will not be able to create a thread anywhere around the forum. There will be a notice upon registration to point this out so users with less than 5 posts are aware of this rule. We hope by doing so it will prevent spam. All those with 5 posts or more will automatically be promoted on login and will be able to post a thread as normal. Any issues with this, please let us know here.

Also, thread content in Gaming Forum must have a minimum of at least 1 tag to be able to post. We want to make use of tags as a way for users to easily find content they are looking for via the Platform tab, more information here: Platform tab

Lets see how this plays out.
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