XCOM: Chimera Squad - Review Thread


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Dec 12, 2018

Metacritic: 78
Opencritic: TBC

Player 2 said:
Xcom: Chimera Squad is proof positive that Firaxis are masters of the genre. The perfect starting point for newcomers, yet featuring enough depth for franchise vets, there is no reason to skip this title, especially at its bargain price. ("A")
Screen Rant said:
The newest entry in the XCOM franchise is faster and focused on a much smaller portion of the world, but that doesn't mean it's any less strategic. (4.5/5)
WCCFTech said:
Chimera Squad experiments with smaller encounters, more unique characters, and a change in the combat order with remarkable success. Although still weighed down by the traditional issues of the series, Chimera Squad excels in what it set out to achieve and is an incredibly satisfying tactical game. (8.5/10)
Gaming Nexus said:
Chimera Squad gives XCOM something it needed a lot more of: direction. The stakes are lower, but the execution is smoother. (8.5/10)
jeuxvideo.com said:
Pleasant to play, but still endowed with the same technical defects (camera bugs, aging 3D engine), Chimera Squad remains a good episode, both for lovers of the saga, but also for newcomers, who will discover a deep, but very affordable tactical game. (8/10)
PC Gamer said:
A fine superhero SWAT team tactics game smothered by a little too much admin. (72/100)
US Gamer said:
XCOM: Chimera Squad retains much of what makes XCOM such a special tactics series, in the process adding in some genuine improvements to its already excellent formula. But these improvements are undermined by some strange art choices, as well as a general reluctance to maximize some of its bolder changes. All in all, an interesting experiment, but one that still has a ways to go before reaching its full potential. (7/10)
IGN said:
XCOM: Chimera Squad plays with some interesting new ideas, but doesn't bring them together into a particularly graceful whole. (7.0/10)

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