Xbox Series X release date isn’t Thanksgiving, Microsoft declares


Xbox Series X release date is not Thanksgiving but in “holiday 2020”, Microsoft declared today.

An Xbox product page in some regions inaccurately listed the launch date for Xbox Series X as Thanksgiving 2020. We are committed to launching Holiday 2020.
~Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb at Microsoft on Twitter.

A Microsoft representative issued the same advice.

Xbox Series X will be available Holiday 2020 alongside Halo Infinite
There was no confirmation of an exact date, but we think Xbox Series X will be released sometime in November. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

Check out PS5's specs in comparison to Xbox Series X specs here.
So people waiting on this as their new gen console have to wait longer, and buying xbone isn't much of an option because it will quickly be rendered obsolete.
Hopefully before Thanksgiving, if this releases in December, oh boy bad time to be shopping.
No kidding. Either it will be out during the rush or run out fast.

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