Xbox Series X external expansion cards revealed


Xbox Series X external expansion cards have been detailed by its publisher Seagate.

Seagate details on the page:
Xbox Series X is Xbox’s most powerful console ever — and we created the Seagate Storage Expansion Card right alongside them. This partnership means that when you plug this storage card into any Xbox Series X console, you’re getting all the speed and power Xbox has dreamed up, with no compromise.

The pricing has not yet been detailed but what we do know is that the 1TB expansion cards sport a Custom PCIe Gen4x2 NVMe flash memory and will come with a three-year limited warranty. Microsoft has said the cards will boast thermal dissipation and a steady, 2.4GB/s stream of data to the Xbox Series X.

We’ll keep you updated on the Xbox Series X and its external expansion cards as we learn more.
Seagate is a fantastic company (my PC's hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda), and the Xbox Series X is supposed to be a great console, so I have nothing but the highest expectations for this partnership.
I feel like Microsoft made a good decision picking Seagate to create the external expansion cards.
This sounds great for Xbox Series X players and it looks awesome too. Hopefully we get some information about external expansion cards for the PS5 soon from Sony
Interesting approach, I wonder if, being NVMe, it can be implanted into a PC, as well...transfer games from Xbox to PC...that could be interesting...
oh expansion card made me think it was like extra ram or an external GPU but there just hard drives, that's significantly less interesting

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