Xbox Series S to be revealed in May


Xbox Series S reveal is likely to happen in May, a report from Windows Central suggests.

The Series S aka Lockhart, is a next-gen Microsoft console that’s less powerful than the announced Xbox Series X; it’s also expected to be cheaper.

Windows Central describes the Series S as "a 4TF entry-point to next-gen gaming" designed to replace the current-gen Xbox One X, but with added “aspects of a next-gen experience currently unavailable to past-gen consoles, presumably in the form of NVME loading speeds and perhaps some limited ray-tracing.”. Previous rumours have also suggested the Series S will be disc-less.

The outlet admits it has “no idea about the capabilities of Lockhart outside that magical ‘4TF’ GPU number.” That’s 4 teraflops which is less in comparison to the Xbox Series X 12 teraflop output.

It’s believed that the Xbox Series S will be revealed in May along with potential announcements of several Xbox Game Studios games including a rumoured Fable project from Playground Games.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.
I want to say that 4 terraflops compared to the regular Xbox Series X 12 terraflops seems to me a bit of a cheap-sake move on their part. Sure if the device your buying is cheaper than of course it won't have as much processing power but it seems in my opinion a bit bloated for them to reduce it that much. Plus this disc-less thing has me curious to what in the world they're thinking. Personally I've never heard of a disc-less console until they came out with a similar one for the Xbox One and that to me is a turn off.

I'm not hear to complain, the console is indeed a good one but you have to be noted at the exact same time they truly are low balling the consumer.

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