Xbox Series S has 364GB storage for games and apps, it's claimed


Xbox Series S has 364 GB usable space for games and apps on its 512 GB custom NVME SSD, a Reddit user claims.

The user, who alleges to have the Xbox Series S a week earlier than its launch, took to Reddit to say the console has “364 gb for games and apps.”

While the rumour can’t be addressed until appropriate embargoes have lifted, we can confirm that the Xbox Series X has a usable space of 802GB from its total 1TB.

Xbox Series X and Series S head to retail stores on 10 November.
That doesn't sound great. I know its a budget console but 364GB is laughable
I know it won't get all the high end graphics that eat up storage, but that is still way too low. I also know its faster, but a 7 year old console came out with more storage.
The PS5 has more storage, yet supposedly, the Xbox Series X has a lot more power. And there's Sony exclusives. ?

Decisions, decisions. ?

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