Xbox Series controller's Share button works on Xbox One


The Xbox Series X and Series S controller's Share button works on the Xbox One, an outlet has confirmed.

The Series' controller has a dedicated Share button that takes a screenshot with a single press and records a video when held down. Xbox peripherals work across the ecosystem which means it also works on the Xbox One.

It's been confirmed that older Xbox peripherals will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S. Those who wish to adjust the capture settings, can do so (on either console generation) using the Xbox Accessories app.

The Xbox One is currently available now. Xbox Series X and Series S head to retail stores on 10 November.


That is very cool, Give it an option or so but I don't see it that worth it at all. Who still be using the Xbox one after the 10th then.


I got rid of my Xbox 360 but I would get that out from time to time just for GTA IV. It's a shame we still have no way to play IV on the PS4/5 :(
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