Discussion Xbox Lockhart: Will the Series S hold back next gen?


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Dec 11, 2018

NX Gamer talks about what the Xbox Series X might potentially offer.
I don't think it will hold back next gen as a whole, no. Developers decide how much they want to get out of a game on a given platform by spending time and resources on it. If they understand the ceiling of what Lockhart is capable of, then they can manage accordingly for it.

I do think it will hold back how optimized some games end up on the Series X at first, though. Developers working on PlayStation ports won't have to worry about having a team work on two versions of the same game. They'll have more time to optimize. And since the hardware of these two consoles are turning out to be rather different when it comes overall IO throughput, that may end up making a substantial difference with some third party games.

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