XBOX Head Phil Spencer confirms that the XBOX Scarlett is only one console


Back when Microsoft launched the XBOX 360, it came with two options. A premium console with some storage (20GB to be exact, what an age that was) and a more standard option which missed out on the hard-drive and HDMI set up for those in favour of standard definition. Back at that time, it seemed to be a smart decision in order to reach the wallets of more people and is - seemingly - still the way the company operates. The current XBOX roster comes with an XBOX One X at the top, an XBOX One S below it and for those who are feeling budget conscious, you have the XBOX One S All Digital Disc less option.

So, when we think about the XBOX Scarlett, are we going to be looking at a launch of multiple systems with differing options? According to XBOX Head Phil Spencer, that won't be the case this time around as XBOX look to make a single, truly flagship device. “Last year we said consoles, and we’ve shipped a console and we’ve now detailed another console,” Spencer said to Business Insider.

An original set of leaks mentioned that Microsoft were working on two separate consoles but the second option was shelved with developers noting issues developing for two different architectures, namely, developers seemed to be focusing on the less powerful option. This meant that the full power of the console would not be utilised, and with the powerful PS5 also hitting shelves next year, that's not something Microsoft would've wanted.

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