Xbox E3 2021 showcase games leaked

Martin Berisford

Article Author
Mar 29, 2019
I've seen this list of leaked games that we might be seeing making an appearance at E3 this weekend - was wondering what you all think? Any stand out WOW games in there that take your fancy? For me, it's a new Forza game - love a good reason to bust out the steering wheel.

  1. - Starfield
  2. - Halo Infinite
  3. - Wolfenstein 3
  4. - Kojima Game
  5. - Project Dragon RPG by IO Interactive (New IP)
  6. - Project Omen (Dracula/Vampires New IP) by Arkane
  7. - Forza Horizon 5 with this year release date and set in Mexico
  8. - Awoved
What do you think? A good list for E3 or were you expecting more?