WWE 2K21 reportedly cancelled; WWE 2K22 to skip next-gen


WWE 2K21 has been cancelled and will be replaced by a WWE “palate cleanser” in 2020, a report suggests. Furthermore, WWE 2K22 in 2021 will allegedly skip next-gen console release on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Justin Leeper, a writer for previous WWE titles, cites sources close to the game whom he calls “reliable” and points out that this year’s WrestleMania, normally a launching pad for the same year’s 2K title, had no such news.

I have heard also that there is another WWE game this year, that 2K is publishing a different kind of WWE game from a different kind of developer that’s not Visual Concepts.

We’ll keep you updated on WWE 2K21, WWE 2K22 and the “palate cleanser” as we learn more. In the meantime, check out Leeper’s full video below.


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