WWE 2K21 cancelled; non-sim WWE game coming later this year


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Dec 11, 2018
I've been waiting for 2K to announce this, but they haven't. Strange, as usually announcements come at WrestleMania time, and I heard this from reliable sources well before WM36. So - like with the mass exodus at 2K and the fact that 2K20 was built on 2K18 - it falls on me to tell you what I have heard and what I think you should know: There will be no WWE 2K21. But another game is coming.

They've needed to shelve the series for a while now, go back to the drawing board and start over. Like many series that release yearly, or close to it, it has lost a lot of innovation and focused more on getting a product out that can help generate more income for the publisher. It's understandable why they're cancelling this years' game, but it's something that's actually needed to happen for oh so very long.
The WWE games were way more fun when THQ was developing them. Since 2K took over, each game has been a buggy mess every year. Part of the fun in the past, was designing your own wrestlers. Now there's nothing to really get you buying them each year, because they play so awful. I gave up after like, 2015.

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