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Write for JoyFreak


Nov 16, 2018
JoyFreak is constantly looking for good writers and offering opportunities for volunteers to join our writing team and share their knowledge with the community.

As a writer for JoyFreak, you will benefit from the following:
  • Gain experience as a writer
  • Get credited for published work
  • Expose your work to thousands of readers from around the world
  • Be part of a team sharing a common interest in video games
  • You do not have to be a professional writer to write for JoyFreak, but you do have to demonstrate your ability to write well and think creatively, as well as some familiarity with video games.

If you think you can meet (or exceed) the quality of our work, please send in a short article that you have written that we can use to judge your writing ability. Don't worry, your sample doesn't have to be perfect. However, it should give us an indication of your current skill level. Also include some basic information about yourself and your experience with the video game industry.

Should your submission show enough promise, together we will decide on a first assignment specifically for JoyFreak. After completing the editing process to polish up that article for publication, you'd be officially hired and already have your first contribution prepared.

Please use the Contact Us form in the footer below. If you need to send attachments, you can send an email manually to [email protected].