Would you stream for 24 hours?


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Mar 23, 2019
For the streamers here - would you even make a 24 hours stream on Twitch, YouTube, etc? How large followers base do you need before even considering to do something like that if you would at first? If you are up for it, why?

I'm not into streaming but even if I was I would never do that. Sleeping is more important to me rather than the extra money I would probably receive on that long stream. Well, I haven't seen any small streamers to do that because it's likely to not get rewarded for their work as their followers base is very small. It might be worth it for people who Twitch is their full time job.
Nope. Sleep deprivation is a serious health problem and can various symptoms including long term illnesses according to various sources online.

Before anyone on Joyfreak, considers a 24 hour stream, please read the effects on the NHS website.
I don't have patience for the streaming for more than 30 minutes. So my current limit is as good as the 30 minutes and I can't get over more than that. I think if I can get the fast internet, I may consider streaming more than that.
Depends what it is for I guess. Charity? Extra income? I would consider it if it was for those reasons.
I might do so if I had a big following and if I was doing so for a charity. I would have to drink lots of Monster to keep me awake though! xD
I remember staying up once till like 3 AM gaming for like nearly 10 hours and that pretty much killed me right there. 24 hours though? Sorry, I don't have a death wish.
The only 24 hour streams I've seen tend to be for charity, if I had a large enough following that would warrant me doing that for 24 hours then I'd consider it as I'm more than adept at staying up that long but I wouldn't want to just do that 'because' I can like. I don't really stream anyway, I find it just annoying for me to do so doing it for a whole day just because? Nah my friend. Not happening.
I would love to try to stream for 24 hours as long as I can have pee breaks and as much coffee as I wanted!
I guess even 1 hour can be too much. I mean many of us have jobs or school. And streaming all the time unless we have holiday would only add more burden for sure. I don't see any strong reason for streaming 24 hours out there. Though earning is also not assured, it can be gamble too.

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