Worst Gaming Launches


There have been some awful game launches in the past. I think Fallout 76 is the best recent example where people were just not happy with the state of the game. And I'm sure no one is going to forgot No Man's Sky. However, the developers for that game managed to pull it back and have an amazing game right now. What were some of the worst game launches for you?


Honestly, Fallout76 was what came into mind reading the title, so I guess that's one that's pretty much in the mind, the preorder bag being a completely different material, the game itself apparently removing parts of it to be sold, the measly compensation. It was pretty messy.

I also recall No Man's Sky was a huuuge disappointment at launch and people were making fun of the comparison between what they promised and what they delivered.

That newer Sim city game EA tried to make to have to be only online backfiring really bad with servers being so packed that for many days in a row players could not log in or do anything until they fixed that.
Should be noted that No Man's Sky has turn itself around is doing pretty well these days. But yeah, games are being rushed like WWE2020 game that came out recently.
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