World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Anyone here playing?


Nov 19, 2018
Hi folks Trueprime here!

I have been playing WOW off and on since Vanilla. Actually I originally started off playing diablo 1 and then enjoyed version of Diablo 2 for many years. Multiplayer was a new thing back then and just the start of some exciting gaming experiences. PVP action and being able to hack and slash with friends or foe really got things kicking into what we have nowadays. I still remember my first time playing EverQuest as that was a brilliant classic. Then WOW came to birth and not so long after many people migrated to it, including myself.

As a WOW player, I been on and off Wow in many years. I took a decent break after the expansion Legion came out, but as soon as Battle For Azeroth released, I was drawn back into play. BFA opened some several different changes including Ally races (special races only playable through unlocking specific achievements). BFA has been out for several months now, but continues to improve. Since the most recent patch in March, Blizzard has even changed the music, and visual to some of the old content areas. Mage Quarters in major cities have now been upgraded after the long wait. They are bigger, more dynamic and just different. Blizzard even went to the extent of updating our old favorite battlegrounds for pvp. Better features and something new for something old. If you played WOW for a long time, you will notice these changes.
What do you feel about these changes, are you enjoying them or are you displeased? Feel free to comment as I'm curious what fellow WOW players think. Thanks all and happy gaming!
World of Warcraft is an incredible game with well written quests, beautiful scenery and a staggeringly large world to explore make it a ton of fun to play. Nevertheless, it requires an adult involvement to be a good and safe experience for teen players. Violence, references to alcohol use, and the unpredictability of an online environment are all good reasons for parents to regularly check in as their older kids play. However, managed properly, the experience may prove to be a rewarding adventure for all involved.
I used to play World of Warcraft, and it was some of the most magical time I've ever had online. I remember the grinding slog during vanilla WoW, and the struggle of doing tedious daily quests in order to raise reputation so I could access faction-specific mounts and items. If I remember correctly, I played until about the Mists of Pandaren expansion, and while there were a lot of cons by then, my overall experience with World of Warcraft is excellent.

I do wish they'd upgrade the graphics, though. I've since moved on to Final Fantasy online and the visuals are stunning. WoW's graphics used to be cutting edge about a decade ago, but not anymore. They need to overhaul the system, I think.
I didn't really play World of Warcraft that much. I have reached level 20 at BC and then quit. I joined because of the overall Warcraft lore and feeling from the RTS games, and primarily because of Arthas.
I have played the WOW up until few games. The last few releases seems to be getting boring for me. Also I am tired of same old wars with nothing new in them. I can tell you that from my experience that it gets boring if there is not much innovation. It seems like a good thing that has been going on lately.
I think I have not played World of Warcraft long enough to feel the magic that so many players say they feel. I found it a relatively simple game, at least as far as I played it. So, it's not bad... But it's not all that good.
I think those who played DOTA must have heard of WOW and even played it. Both those games were pretty much popular during the same time. And it turned out to be good in terms of the gameplay and the earning of the developers was good enough on many notes. I personally prefer the WOW for the usage of the game.
I loved WOW and League of Legends a lot. Though things are changed now. And DOTA and WOW seems to be not much in demand as it was supposed to be. But it seems Esports will change that in near future.
Hi folks, Trueprime here and I was curious if anyone on here has been playing WOW Battle for Azeroth. Any other gamers on here who enjoy this game. What are some things you enjoy about this newest version, patches etc? Me personally I enjoy the new updates Blizzard has initiated such as new music, and finally an updated version for some of the same battlegrounds we have seen for many years. The new ally races are amazing and the content just keeps expanding. Feel free to post your opinions and feedback :)

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