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Dec 11, 2018

In fact, we did reverse engineer the first game to see how everything was programmed. It was basic, very old development language. We took everything from the first in the second one, so every movement, every disc direction, every angle… that’s exactly the same. Even the speed of the disc is the same. The only thing we changed, because it’s a new game, is the court. The dimensions of the court are a bit wider because it’s not the same size of the screen now, but that’s it.
When I started, three years ago now, I was thinking about new characters. There’s something curious about the lore of the original game: there was not a lot of information about them. We were talking with the Windjammers 1 team, because we also want them to support us and give us advice, and they gave us a lot of game design documents. We discovered a lot of funny things about the characters, like they all come from specific sports. Biaggi is an Italian soccer player, and Miller is a tennis man. And also Mita! So we thought about what kind of new characters we could include in the game, and how we could extend the lore and the universe of the game.

We thought about different kinds of guys that come from wrestling and stuff like this, and so we were thinking about how they could interact with each other. Like there was something in particular between Mita and Miller, I guess? They were very powerful characters even if we didn’t know anything about them in the first game when you were an arcade player as we were… there is not a lot of information.
By the way, we’re working with [Seiichi] Hamada-san, the original composer of the first game, so we asked him if he would be okay to work with us for the second one. He was super-excited with it, so he did it! He worked on the original songs and made some remakes of the court songs. Every song he made, he reworked them again and he made some new songs for the new courts also.

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