Will you be renewing your Nintendo Online Service subscription?


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Mar 27, 2019
Last year I had a friend being very kind to me and letting me be part of her plan. She didn't even let me pay her.

During that year the service felt lackluster, it was the bare minimum. Even with this friend we often talked about how we felt it was not worth it. The cloud service is selective and it seems that the online games are usually not covered. The NES games have only on top of other means that they offer online connectivity, but because it is P2P if you live too far from each other it is unplayable. A friend and I tried to play it so we made sure we had good speed, we both bought an ethernet adaptor, we made our NAT being open. Even with all these measures, the online session became very sluggish.

So now that the subscription has ended I am having second thoughts regarding if I should cave in or if it is best I vote with my wallet against it, and just pay something like a month if I ever cave in.

But I made this thread because I wanted to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about Nintendo's Online service subscription?
Do you find it worthy?

What do you like and what you don't like about it?
I am definitely holding off the renewal. I am thinking more towards the stadia which is going to be expensive I guess.
I will so I can play smash on a whim, though that is the only reason it keeps me. Though the recent SNES game addon isn't a bad incentive.

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