Will Brexit impact the UK games industry?


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Jan 10, 2019
A question for all the UK gamers here.

  1. How do you think Brexit will impact Europe's gaming community: Postively or a negative outcome?
  2. Will the price of goods and services go up? What's your view?
  3. Will there be more or less jobs in the gaming industry after we leave the EU? How will this affect some merchants trading over seas?

I don't know. Time will tell whether it was a good or bad idea to vote out.

Article 13 could restrict our access to YouTube, that's the only problem I can see right now.
For me it has no impact. I don't live in EU or UK. So it has no impact on me. I am wondering how will my websites and blogs will be affected for EU users after the new rules are changed. I guess UK will be affected for sure.

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