Will anyone ever be held accountable for the COVID-19 crisis?


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Dec 11, 2018
Will anyone ever be held accountable for the COVID-19 crisis?
I don't know who could? It wouldnbe like blaming someone for the bubonic plague or spanish flu.
Some people have been wondering for ages, since the COVID-19 came out, if the Coronavirus was manmade.
I for one, don't believe this to be the case and they reckon it was cause from Bat Soup. I don't believe that speculation either.
It's just an unfortunate deadly virus and for those who don't take precautions or listen to government officials will pay the price.

For us in Australia, everyone is on Lockdown, thousands of people have lost their jobs, because their businesses were force to close down, due the Coronavirus.

I believe the Coronavirus is just an unfortunate circumstance, that is similar to the Swine Flu but deadlier for the elderly and less fortunate.
So I do not think anyone could be held accountable.
Yes, I do think China will ultimately be held accountable. China lied about the details and severity of the virus and was slow to alert other countries. That's what you get with Communist China. I do think there will be serious economic and political repercussions put on China but numerous countries, not just the US.

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