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A new skill Animal Husbandry has been added, as well as related buildings, animals, and resources.

In Iteria, added 15 new leader-animals and monsters.

Animal husbandry:
- A new skill Animal Husbandry has been added to the game, necessary for breeding livestock, pets and obtaining resources from it.
- Added animals: Chicken, Rabbit, Pig and Cow, as well as their stages of growing up.
- Added buildings for animal husbandry: Incubator, Chicken Coop, Rabbit Coop, Pigsty and Cowshed.
- Added animals: Chicken, Rabbit, Pig and Cow, as well as their stages of growing up.
- Added buildings for animal husbandry: Incubator, Chicken Coop, Rabbit Coop, Pigsty and Cowshed.
- Depending on the gender of the animals and food, leaving the animal in it coop, you can get either a cub or resources.

More details about the update:
Steam :: Wild Terra 2: New Lands :: Major Update 2.1.309. Animal husbandry, 15 new mobs, combat balance and more
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New opening story


- Added an introductory part of the tutorial. This is a small plot story about how a character gets to Elion. (Tutorial on Elion is still in the process of being revised and will be updated later).

Mining camp:
- Added a small settlement in Iteria - a mining camp. You can interact with the inhabitants of the settlement for new quests (regular and daily) and trade.
- A separate quest chain has been added (starts at the blacksmith in Hartfurt), after completing which daily quests in the camp will be available.
- Added over 20 new daily quests for miners. - Added 2 types of unique mining food.
Wild Terra 2 New LAnds Will be released on november 10th with new fresh servers.

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- Town Halls, Sheds and Chests are now divided into sections, which will help you conveniently and visually organize the storage of a large number of items.
- Increased the number of storage slots in town halls, Log shed and Log shed from grim wood.
- Added new buildings: Sheds and Chests (placed only next to the walls inside the houses), which have a large number of storage slots.
- Sheds and chests have upgrade stages (requires fewer resources and no skill level required). When upgrading, the number of sections for storage increases. Warehouses have 4 stages (log warehouse - second stage), chests - 3 stages.
- In the villa of the Merchant, the Hero (as well as under their canopies) and in the King's Tower, chests can be placed. Now these are not only decorations, but also capacious storages.
- Now, if there are items inside the building that can be lost when it is demolished, a warning will be displayed before the demolition.
Major Update 2.2.332. Christmas and New Year in Wild Terra 2!

Strange rabbits and mysterious portals with bells have appeared all over Iteria. What is going on?

In the mountain gorge of the Winter Forest, the warlock Krampus and his demented elves decided to create bewitched toys - Black Rabbits (a symbol of 2023), the toys were supposed to reincarnate alive, steal Christmas gifts and naughty kids. The experiment was not entirely successful, most of the rabbits turned out to be white, some of them mutated (some of them many times), the toys refused to listen to their leader, but the warlock did not give up.

Krampus created portals throughout Iteria and sent rabbits to steal gifts and naughty children. The hermit Ragnara saw a portal in the forest, the elves of Krampus and his rabbits, and guessed everything. She told the residents of Hartfurt and they decided to teach Krampus a lesson by hiding branches, stones and other things that they didn’t really need under the guise of gifts. Therefore, stolen gifts can be anything!

Christmas event in Wild Terra 2!
It will be held from December 15 to January 10.

Winter Forest dungeon and new monsters
- Portals to the Krampus Winter Forest and Evil White Rabbits appear throughout Iteria.
- When skinning Evil rabbits, a Black Rabbit may appear, from which you can get Christmas balls and other holiday items. Black rabbits can have several stages, the further - the better the reward! Be careful, they can attack.
- Added a rideable Black Rabbit (can be used on the Plague Island).
- Demented elves can be found in the Winter Forest, as well as cutting down spruces and pines, bushes and stumps, as well as trees of the Plague Island.

Christmas rewards and buildings
- Added Lost Gifts. Contain one random item (including resources, equipment, consumables, and more). If it's a quality item, then the quality will be 150!
- Added Gingerbread Man (+500 Inspiration) and Baked Cinnamon Apple (+5000 Inspiration). Can be found in loot.
- Added building a Festive table. Use with a Festive Dish to gain beneficial effects and replenish satiety.
- Added building a Christmas tree. Next to it, you can create Christmas items with useful bonuses.
- Brew candies and combine them into a sweet cane, create gifts, drink champagne and play snowballs!
- During the event, you can also get a festive cloak and a Santa hat.
Ingredients for Christmas items can be found almost everywhere (godsends, chests, bosses, monster corpses).


Hello guys! It has been a long time since the last post about the game; so I will be posting the features that have been added since then.

Shrines and exploration of Elion

Ability to build shrines on the territory of your dominion. These shrines grant temporary effects with global bonuses. Also added research content, events, and new side quests to the starting island to showcase the game's features at later stages of character development. Items from events for beginners will also be obtainable on the main continent through fishing, discoveries, corpses, and completing crypts.

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