Wii Sports appears to be seeing a bit of a resurgence due to coronavirus lockdown


Dec 11, 2018
The outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to have a massive impact on the global scene. One of the biggest side effects of this whole pandemic is that millions of people are being ordered to stay at home by their local governments in order to try and limit the number of infections. With so many finding themselves to be under pseudo-house-arrest, people are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. It seems like one such way is jumping back in time to enjoy a game that millions of families all over the world were fond of back in the mid 2000s. That game is none other than Wii Sports.

The extremely popular Wii pack-in title appears to be having a bit of a return-to-fame due to the coronavirus lockdown. This can be seen by observing the trends of reseller prices during the month of March 2020 (when the majority of lockdowns across the globe started to take effect). Prior to this, prices for a copy of the game would go for around $10. Now, they’re far closer to $30. The website PriceCharting.com shows a graph that clearly indicates a sharp uptick in prices as of just last month.

As to why Wii Sports specifically seems to be soaring in demand, that may likely be due to just plain old nostalgia. Not to mention that Wii Sports was designed to be enjoyed together by families (and friends). Seeing that families are now stuck together for a while, now is as good of a time as ever to break out such a fitting game. Not to mention that even the WHO (World Health Organization) recently went on record to recommend playing video games while being stuck at home during this lockdown situation. A game such as Wii Sports encourages body movement, so it’s not a bad choice considering that going to the gym (or even going outside) is technically illegal in some places during these trying times.

I, for one, would love to bust out my copy of Wii Sports again…if it wasn’t currently 2000 miles away from where I am. I left it along with my Wii U and a few other stuff with a friend back in Ecuador. I was supposed to be returning this summer, but who knows if that opportunity will come by then considering the travel industry is still slowly crashing under all of this pressure. [Insert sad face here].

Time to modernize?

Nevertheless, if you do happen to still have a copy of Wii Sports, then it’s best to hang onto it for now since it’s clearly becoming very sought after. If you don’t own it, however, but do still have your Wii U, you can also just download Wii Sports Club from the Wii U eShop. It has better graphics, improved controls and added online multiplayer.

You know, now would really be a great time for Nintendo to just create a super Wii Sports compilation for the Switch—Switch Sports. Or even a threequel for the Switch would be nice. I’ll take my royalty cheque in the mail for the idea, Ninty…