Why The New Xbox Series X Controller Still Uses AA Batteries


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Dec 11, 2018
"What it comes down to is when actually talking to gamers, it's kind of polarizing and there is a strong camp that really want AAs," Ronald said. "So just giving flexibility is the way to please both [sets of] people... You can use a rechargeable battery pack and it works just like it does on the Elite, [but] it is a separate thing."

The team at Xbox also spoke about some of the small changes they made to the new Xbox Series X controller. Senior designer Ryan Whitaker said the existing Xbox One controller is already designed to be suitable for the 5th to 95th percentile of hand sizes, and the new design improves that range on the lower end. The new design is aiming to support the 3rd to the 95th percentile, and these two percentile points actually represents "hundreds of millions of people," Whitaker said.

"And so just by slightly shrinking some areas of the controller, we found that we can actually reach a lot more people and at the same time make it more comfortable for everyone," he said.


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