Why New World Is Officially The Last Mmo I Will Ever Play


May 6, 2021
If New World is not F2p, then you have something to hide.
I've spent about 8000 usd total on these games , I'm done paying.

Below are possible reasons for my quit
  • Lack of content in expansions
  • The complete neglect of controling the games for exploiters, hackers and cheaters
  • Political views
  • Unexpected loss of paid items
  • Loot box Bull crap
  • Double dipping sub on f2p that give unfair advancement in core game mechanics
  • Lame publishers who neglect their own EULA
  • Western MMORPG lack of "trying".
  • Possible termination of paid account features and subscription without explanation or e-mail notice
  • Ridiculous changes to core game mechanics
  • Introduction of game crushing appendix like "Leader Boards" which lead to exploiting and cheating

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    M @ matyyyy: Good morning !! How are you ?? I found something crazy to try!