why LifestyleRP is unique



Welcome to LifestyleRP, a unique GTA V Roleplay server, with many custom scripts and an awesome community!​

Unique Features
  1. We have a custom casino
  2. (soon to be done) joe is working on a tuning laptop. You have to get parts and make it.
  3. The police have an in-game radio that all the police can speak through
  4. The NHS has a radio aswell
  5. We have a illegal import&export for cars
  6. We also have custom drug script
  7. We have a custom gun script
  8. We also are adding were you can buy house in certain areas in the city
  9. You will be able to own your own businesses that can be made by staff
  10. You have to get a code to rob a bank which you can get by robbing the jewelry store
  11. You are able to rob house
  12. We have a custom money wash place
  13. You are ablea to purchase custom houses form the real estate agents
How to play LifestyleRP

  1. Make sure you have a LEGIT version of GTA V on PC installed
  2. Make sure steam is installed
  3. Go to this link and download the client https://fivem.net/
  4. Install the client and once installed, open and go to Direct Connect at the top
  5. Type or lifestylerp.sytes.net as the IP Address and connect to play!


14. Police have a DNA database that they can use to log deaths or log evidence from scense
15. Police also have a database were they login and can see whos wanted or cars