Discussion Why did Sega fail? Did piracy kill the Dreamcast?


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Jun 20, 2020
Episode 80 - The Dreamcast was on sale for about three years before Sega pulled the plug. The console quite popular with several quality games, so when Sega announced they were canceling support for the system, folks were shocked. What exactly happened? Every time the conversation comes up, piracy is the most mentioned reason. So did piracy kill the Dreamcast, and if not, what happened?

Sony laid down that murda game on Sega. I remember people talking about Sega was done even before PS2 came out.
Haven't watched the video as yet, but I'm pretty sure piracy was only a minuscule factor. The "surprise" release on 9.9.99, while a great date, was a silly move on their part and pissed off third party developers. Then, just like the Saturn, they made it a challenge to code games for, making 3rd party developers even more unhappy with them. So, lack of 3rd party support, silly move to launch the console, prematurely killing off the Saturn (even though it lasted until 2000 in Japan with an absolutely massive library of amazing games), and utilizing some...interesting...choices to advertise the console...well...it just killed itself, basically. Good console, like the Saturn was, but marketing and silly decision making really lead to it flopping.
Sega just got sucker punched by Sony and finished off by Nintendo. That is all there is to it.
Wow. The Dreamcast was a great console back in 2000. Too bad it didn't last long. Unlike the PS2, which people still look for today.

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