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Who's your favorite boy band?


My favorite boybands are 98 Degrees,Moffats and Backstreet Boys i always listening to there songs until now.
How about you guys ?


I love Nsync, Westlife and Boyzone. Aside from being a good looking guys there music wins my heart. I love their sweet and a meaningful song. I like the melody. I love playing it on piano. It gives me relaxation and it's fun to sing their songs repetitively. This I promise you ( Nsync ), Beauitful in white ( Westlife ) and No matter what ( Boyzone ) are my favorites. I felt like serenaded by this handsome men. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) Very ambitious!


I'm from the far east and the best boy bands for me comes from the Philippine islands. Topping my list is Hale, Parokya ni Edgar, among others. But if I were to choose a western band from way back it'll be the Beatles, the Fab 4 with many of their hit songs that I like until now.

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