Who likes sports games?


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Jan 24, 2019
I used to play American football ones quite a bit. Also, there was this phase where I was into baseball and basketball, respectively. However, though, I never could get much into soccer or hockey games - though I love playing soccer and hockey (as in physically playing). Anyway, I've never played online with them. Who has? Well, I've never played any online game in any niche (role playing, adventure, racing etc.).

O.K., besides saying what sports niche you like, what is an actual favorite game? For instance, does anyone like FIFA World Cup or Madden Football? Myself, I've always liked Madden Football - but not sure what brands of baseball or basketball I like.
I love the FIFA games, buy the newer one every year without fail like the typical football watching Brit I am. I know it's never really any different (Aside from the graphics/movement or something) but hey, it's a great game with a lot of replay value for me. I used to really love the NHL games as well so I might go pick one of the newer ones up and ease myself back into it. Always good to have a few different games on the go.
I mostly play the cricket which is popular in mostly UK, Ireland and other asian countries. I found out that cricket is lot more fun to play as a sport.

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