Who is your favorite actor/actress and why?


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Feb 1, 2019
Idriss Elba. First saw him in his role in "Luther"...he played this worn out cop SO WELL! Then in "The Wire" he was a totally different character...and I loved watching him struggle in the legitimate business world. There's so much more about him that is just brillant.
I'm a fan of comedy movies because of one man called The Rock - Dwayne Johnson. He is my favorite actor. I followed him from his years in the WWE and into Hollywood.
I'm a fan of Steve Martin. Not only are his movies funny, this guy is remarkably funny himself. I mean comedians are really born and this guy Martin is a natural.
I'm a fan of Tom Cruise,Jason Statham , Liam Nesson for action movies. But also i'm a fan of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for the Comedy
Brad Pitt. Not because he is considered as ,,The most beautiful man in the world'', I simply love his movies. His acting is always great and his roles are great. His movies are always interesting and great.
I am an old guy and I grew up with the old class of actors and they will remain my favorite ones forever, they are Bruce Willis, Silvester Stalone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I love Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and Steven Seagal. These three know their act and do it so well that I always gravitate towards their movies. Or it could be that I love action movies and these three tend to be featured in movies of such genre. Silvester Stalone is also not a very bad actor too.
I will go for Tom Cruise who is right now the highest paid hollywood actor. I frist saw this guy in Top GUn and later in the MI series. Cruise is a-naturale when it come to his craft. He can do drma too aside from the usual action pack flicks he does many times.
I like actors who put a little effort in to their appearance. An example is Christian Bale. He was pretty muscular for Batman, yet in the Machinist he dropped his weight down to 110 lbs because the guy in the book was super thin (even slimmer). He wanted to go down to 97 lbs but doctors told him no. The guy in the book was much shorter than Christian Bale, so Bale at such a low weight would've been real bad fo rhis health.
This is a tough one because I have so many but if I was pushed to choosing then I would definitely go for Denzel Washington. He has so many good films and I don't think I've ever watched a bad film that he has been in. Personal favourite films with him would have to be John Q and Peckham 123

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