Who here still plays the Need for Speed series?

Martin Berisford

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Mar 29, 2019
Do you guys still play any of the games on the Need for Speed series? Do you still get a kick out of it? For me, every now and then I do pop it in and have a good time just racing around. It's a different vibe to other games like the F1 series for example. I like the way in which I can modify my cars and just race, or in the open world ones, just have a good time exploring (whilst avoiding all the police haha)

What about you?
I used to be playing many of their old games as they release. But now in terms of the graphics the games are pretty much heavy. And it can get pretty boring seeing the same old maps and roads and few changes being made.
Yeah, it is fun. And, the ones at the arcade that make you feel like you are sitting inside a real car.
Arcade can be with different reasons. Like say you may feel like in a car or even you can be in seat and get to play various experience with the bike or so for the video game.
I haven't played Need for Speed in ages. I miss Hot Pursuit for PS1 and wish they'd remake it. I also wish they'd remake Midnight Club. Those are some great racing games from my childhood. Anyways it's a good game I think.

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