Who here still plays Sorcery Quest?


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Nov 21, 2019
Hi everyone,

The new purpose of this thread is to talk about Sorcery Quest.
First I couldn’t find it for quite a while (see edit).

Edit: This thread was started in search of Sorcery Quest which I used to play about ten years ago, then stopped and forgot it for long time.
Now I’d remembered SQ and wanted to play it again if it still existed - the trouble was I remembered anything but the game’s title until a few minutes ago.
Therefore the text I originally posted contained a lengthy description of the game in the hope someone would finally recognise it and tell me what I’m looking for.

Now the original thread became pointless instead of having it closed by the mods and a useless corpse thread in the forum I decided to remodel it to a thread discussing SQ.
(If I’ve overlooked an existing SQ thread please feel free to close and delete this one.)

Now let’s get started:

- So who knows SQ and still plays it?

- What chars does your party consists of and what are your strategies?

- What skills do you focus on?

I haven’t played SQ for almost ten years but I’d like to try again.

Spoiler warning! Don’t read the following passages if you’re at a low level.

I do vaguely remember there was a map with some kinds of undead that were much stronger than the monsters on the previous map and could kill my party members with one or two hits although I easily got though the previous map.
That seemed so frustrating, imbalanced and unfair to me I lost fun in playing. After all you don’t enjoy dying your way through the map all the time unless you’re a fan of Dark Souls.

Now I wonder if I just made a bad choice with some of my chars initially or with the development of their skills.
Or if I would have needed (way too expensive) better armour or should have farmed more points first (I hate games where you only get along through constant intense farming though and I felt it was a huuuge jump in difficulty that wouldn’t be overcome just by straying around an hour or two on the previous map.

So did you experience similar difficulties with that undead monsters map?
Please understand this was 10 years ago so I can’t give any details on the trouble I had with them.
I’d like to know your experiences though.
Hopefully I can avoid possible mistakes I’ve made in the past this time.

Have a nice rest of the weekend!

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I can think of many games these days. Like say DOTA underworld is turn based. Final fantasy has few games which are turn based. And then there are some games on android which may fall in same category.
Thank you for your answer, Nova.

Edit: Overlooked “these days”: No, I’m not looking for a similar game but the very one I’m describing, provided it still exists.

But it’s definitely not Final Fantasy and has nothing to do with the series.
No widely known title generally.

DOTA didn’t exist at that time, it was released 2013.

And it was a browser game, don’t think it had a mobile version at all.
It’s about 10 years old or more. Back then most people didn’t even use smartphones here in Germany.
So it’s not anything mobile.

—> What made it different from most games of the like was the artwork.
It was really like drawings with a minimum of animation. And the style of it was quite special.
Maybe I should try to draw characters I remember and post the pictures. Yes, I think I’ll do that tomorrow or Monday.

Edit 2: FOUND IT!!! Finally I did it! I knew I’d finally remember the title!
—> It’s Sorcery Quest!
And it seems it still exists. Let’s see if I still like it.

So this thread can either be closed or the title changed and text edited to remodel it to a thread about the game (that would spare a new thread). I’m curious who else knows and likes it and how you play it.

Sharpened Soul
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