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Who here still plays Facebook games?


Who plays games on Facebook here? What are some of your favorites and what are you going to recommend to a friend? Explain why too.


I used to play the cricket and the few of the games like cake shop and the farmville. It was nice working on those games. I noticed that many games have moved away there and now android is the platform these days. I hate the games now because candy crush type of stuff can be pretty boring.


That reminds me of this farm game called Farmville my mom used to play every single day. She couldn't stop playing it and became addicted. A lot of people get addicted to Facebook games fairly easily and it can become a situation where they can't stop playing them.


Most of the Facebook games at start were good. Then they started the game requests type of notification. And it was kind of painful to get those. I have learned from the experience that notification can be annoying and it is often better to play among your own self. In such case it can get better on many notes.

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